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2017 CPF Intercalibration Workshop – November 2017

2017 CPF Intercalibration Workshop – November 2017


  1. To discuss potential intercalibration applications for CLARREO Pathfinder mission
  2. To understand radiometric and operational specifics of the intercalibration sensors
  3. To discuss the intercalibration science impacts

Agenda & Presentations:

Thursday, November 16th

CLARREO Pathfinder Intercalibration Workshop
8:00 AMWelcome, logisticsCosty Lukashin
8:05 AMWorkshop objectives and AgendaCosty Lukashin
8:10 AMCLARREO Pathfinder StatusGary Fleming
8:30 AMCLARREO Pathfinder Requirements, Objectives, Data ProductsCosty Lukashin
9:00 AMCLARREO Pathfinder instrument and payload capabilitiesGreg Kopp/Steve Brown
9:30 AM DiscussionAll
10:00 AMCERES performance, PSF, and inter-calibration prioritiesNitchie Smith/Susan Thomas
10:30 AMVIIRS performance, inter-calibration prioritiesJack Xiong/Aisheng Wu
11:00 AMLandsat & surface sites inter-calibration needs and prioritiesKurt Thome
11:30 AMDiscussionAll
13:00 PMInter-calibration of GEO imagers and GSICS activitiesDave Doellling
13:30 PMInter-calibration RSR correction toolsBen Scarino
14:00 PMTRUTHS Cross-calibration Uncertainty Tool: Status and Way ForwardJavier Gorrono
14:30 PMDiscussionAll
15:00 PMInter-calibration needs for GERB and SEVIRIJacqueline Russell
15:30 PMPlanet Lab calibration and inter-calibrationA. Jumpasut
16:00 PMDeveloping spectral polarization distribution models (PDMs) for CLARREO inter-calibration
Wenbo Sun
16:30 PMDiscussion, Summary, Actions, ConclusionCosty Lukashin and All
17:00 PMEnd of Workshop