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Current Status

CLARREO Pathfinder Team Advances through HySICS Testing 

The CLARREO Pathfinder team continues to make great progress on payload and scientific algorithm development and testing. In 2023, the CPF team has been conducting comprehensive characterization tests on the Hyperspectral Imager for Climate Science (HySICS) instrument to ensure that it can meet its rigorous and unprecedented accuracy goal. The HySICS instrument is an imaging spectrometer developed by LASP and is the heart of the CPF payload as the core subsystem enabling the high-accuracy measurements of reflected sunlight. After HySICS completes characterization testing, the team will begin HySICS environmental testing which will confirm the subsystem can endure the unique environmental conditions when installed on the International Space Station. 

Team Updates

  • Project Manager Gary Fleming is recognized for his role as a mentor at the LaRC MERGE Mentor Awards. He received three separate nominations for this award! Congratulations, Gary!