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Frequently Asked Questions

What will CPF measure?

CLARREO Pathfinder will measure reflected solar radiation at an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Why is it different from previous science or climate missions?

CPF is different from previous climate missions because its measurements will be tied more directly to unchanging international standards than measurements from existing instruments. Tying our data to these standards provides the high accuracy needed for CPF and other instruments to monitor Earth’s changing climate.

What will CPF tell us?

CPF’s unparalleled accuracy and novel analysis techniques are critical steps toward helping us detect climate trends decades sooner than is otherwise possible. This will have significant economic, social, and defense impacts. Increased confidence in climate projections supported by CPF provides us with the knowledge we need to make more informed decisions in response to our changing Earth.

When is the instrument expected to launch to the ISS and how long will it be making measurements from the ISS?

The official launch date is unknown at this time. However, once launched, the CPF payload will be hosted on the International Space Station (ISS) and is planned to take measurements for one year.  An additional year is included in the project for data analysis.

Who are the partners?

The CPF team has experts from a number of different NASA Centers, academia, and industry partners. For a list and map of the CPF team members and their roles, see the Mission Overview page section here.

What products will CPF give us?

CPF’s data products can be found under the CPF Data Products section on the Science Overview page found here.

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