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2018 CPF Focus During CLARREO SDT – May 2018

2018 CPF Focus During CLARREO SDT – May 2018


  1. Deliver updates on the Project from HQ perspective
  2. Provide technical and science-related updates

Agenda & Presentations:

Day 2: Thursday, May 17th

CLARREO Pathfinder
8:30 AMCLARREO Pathfinder Status and PlansGary Fleming
9:00 AMCLARREO Pathfinder Calibration Error BudgetPaul Smith
9:30 AMCLARREO Pathfinder Intercalibration ProgressCosty Lukashin
10:30 AMEmpirical Polarization Distribution Maps: An UpdateDaniel Goldin
11:00 AMModeling Polarization Properties of Reflected Solar Spectra from Summer Mixed TreesWenbo Sun/Bruce Wielicki/Rosemary Baize/Costy Lukashin
11:30 AMSensitivity of CLARREO Pathfinder Measurements of the Moon to Short-term Changes in the Lunar IrradianceTom Stone
1:30 PMRecent Development of CLARREO Pathfinder Simulator and its ApplicationsWan Wu/Xu Liu, Quigang Yang/Daniel Golden/Yolanda Shea/Costy Lukashin
2:00 PMDevelopment and Validation of Hyperspectral BRDF for CLARREO CPF Spectral RegionsQuiguang Yang/Xu Liu/Wan Wu
2:30 PMSI-traceability of the CPF Independent Calibration & Laboratory and Field Evaluations of CPF Independent CalibrationKurt Thome/Joel McCorkel

Note: The presentations found here are from the second day of a 2-day workshop. The first day focused on the full CLARREO mission (which has since been decommissioned) and the second day focused on CLARREO Pathfinder’s project status and technical presentations.